Amar Sohor song written,composed and sung by PIKLU SHAIKH released on 5th Jan, produced by Canvas Entertainment it is their first big step into the music industry. The song is about Piklu’s hometown Krishnagar. Not only does the lyric illustrate the city but also  the video vividly exhibits the same. The video is wonderfully directed by Tanmoy Biswas. The entire video has been shot in Krishnagar itself showcasing same of the prominent places in the city. The video is being released in Kolkata due to inadequate media exposure in Krishnagar. The advent of New year brings us much joy and festivity in the air.

The song is altogether a altogether a different venture from team Canvas Entertainment . It was challenging task for them to portray the entire city through a single song. Despite all the hurdles faced by them , they have managed to weave a beautiful story through seven days of continuos shooting different prominent places in the city that have been overlooked over the ages. This song will bring back the nostalgia attached to all those places.

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