Press meet and adda session of Akib Hayat’s upcoming music video :

Recently at jodhpur park shed cafe, a pre music release and press conference was held by the artists of upcoming music video of “mriter chithi”.  The original music track is written/composed and Sung by Akib hayat, a singer Songwriter of the town. More than 16 musicians will feature together in the music video of Mriter Chithi and the video is going to be released soon. It’s the first time in the history of independent non film music that artists of both film music and non film music actively collaborating on this music video project which might bring back the golden days of “Bangla Adhunik Gaan”. 
A prolonged Musical Talk Show N Adda with some of the Finest Musician, Singers and Songwriters of the Town conducted by a Host (Archan Chakraborty) about anything and Everything about the History of independent and Band music in Bengal and how it is evolving with time. A Session of 2 hours  included Music, Discussion, few rounds music  with the artists and a lot of Fun.

The Video will release on the YouTube platform and will be on air on March, 2019 which comprises artists like 
Soumyadip Chakraborty(SNF)
Pralay Sarkar
Tamal Kanti Halder(Tamal N Trip)
Soumik Das(GyanaScope)
Rajiv Mitra(Lakkhichara)
Shibasish Banerjee(KabirNShiba)
Pranjal Das(BadTrip)
Nabarun Bose (The Anupam Roy Band/The Prophesor)
Abhishek Nona Bhattacharya (Somlata and The Aces)
Anny Ahmed(A Dot In The Sky)
Sudipto Paul(Pata O Maruddyan/A Dot In the Sky)
Sandipan Sandy Bhattacharyya (The Akib Hayat Project)
Koushik Dey (Ulto Srot)
Timir Biswas (Fakira)
Dipayan Ricky Ghosh (Half Major)
Ronnie(Ronnie Ruststreet)
Akib Hayat 
There will be a huge Surprise as there will be an inclusion of a Special Artist at the End of the Video as well.  According to akib” we are trying to produce something good for the bangla music scene , and we are putting a lot of hard work and new concept to make this. Hopefully the people will grace this innovative concept and music scene very warmly.”

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