About Us


KHABOR ALL TIME is an English, Online News Portal Published from kolkata, India. There are may Web Portals available on the net, created because they want to hand around with Celebs. But the main motto of created this web portal only because of our passion and love for Journalism and give you the authentic news about the entertainment.

We came up with this name frankly speaking because its very easy to remember for the audiences and we will provide entertainment khabor ———— all time to the viewers.

We all need our daily dose of entertainment so that our life will not be so boring! We need a celeb to idolize, an athlete to admire, and basically everything theat is extraordinary to make our life more interesting. The internet is full of entertainment sites and the million dollar question WHICH IS THE BEST WEB PORTAL WHERE ALL INFORMATIONS OF ENTERTAINMENT WILL BE AVAILABLE?

The answer is KHABOR ALL TIME